SEO Search Engine Optimization is not about a Campaign

November 26, 2013
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SEO Search Engine Optimization is not about a campaign that is ongoing. SEO is about setting up a site right the first time. Then the actions required are monitoring results and make slight changes. Thousands of companies jumped into this SEO business to get a monthly recurring revenue stream FOR THEM, not offering the client a clear picture of what SEO is.

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What is your previous SEO history like?

Can you give examples of rankings you’ve achieved?

Ranking is a term that has been over used in the industry, while Ranking plays a role, our goal is for first page placement of pages, categories, tags and posts across all search engines.

To answer your question most of our sites range from 4 to 5 for Site Ranking.

Our clients only want Organic Search Placement and care little about Ranking.

With Google and others making changes Rich Snippets and Data Highlighter increase SEO results and are important.

What we find with most clients the common mistakes in setting up a site are as follows:

  • The site name, title, description and keywords are wrong or not included in such a way the bots can understand. Often many keywords are used.
  • Categories and Tags all need relative descriptions to the relationship with the site purpose, pages, articles and images.
  • Titles are to long in naming pages and images, excerpts a long and having leading keywords.
  • Images need descriptions, titles and alt image tags defined for each image as it would relate to where it is placed within a page or blog post. Most ignore this as articles on-line claim this does not matter for SEO results. When one considers a billion search for images on Google alone per month another place to be found.
  • Sitemap.xml files which are found in sites if you type this in after the domain name. This file enables the bots to find all the information about your site in an organized order that it can read.
  • Sites need to be verified with search engines. Without a Sitemap.xml file the bots miss the entire structure in order to index your site and content depending on the target search result placement desired.
  • RSS feeds need to be connected to Feedage, Feedburner and Pingomatic. Feeds can be monetized and create links and posting across other networks.

Give examples of 10 ranks below. If you want to provide more you can either add more in or send an addition file.

At this time we are building a travel network in Guatemala which consists of the following network of sites and content. This is a complex network, thousands of articles images and video. When finished the SEO process I have described will be fully deployed. However, as the screen dumps indicate we are making great headway already in many areas.

links to social


What is your biggest mistake and biggest success in SEO?

We have been developing for 15 years and were the first to connect a web server to an Oracle database. We were also the first to deploy dynamic web pages in a site driven off of a database.

SEO is about structure and policy to follow. For example how would you determine the tags or keywords to be used within a web site? Example: Toronto Bars has 5,600 global searches per month while Toronto Bar and Restaurants has 360,000 global searches per month. One has high competition value one has low competition, you have to decide the value and which term or phrase you want to be on the first page.

Our success is based on taking and controlling first page placement of a term or category for a client. While this is extremely important it is equally as important that the website’s landing page is informative, attractive and easy to navigate.

What are the most important initial SEO steps on a website?

The structure I have previously described are the first steps, then adding content using blogs, if the company lacks staff to blog every day, millions of bloggers exist that have great content they wish to share. This can be an automated process of feeding from RSS feeds, posting and then updating the Social Media sites connected.

Which methods would you use for link building?

Link building is a process of connecting a site and its content with other web sites, blogs, and social media networks. Link building is also not understood and many try to create false links using services. Google monitors this closely. You will note by the screens we have attached that our links are almost to 100,000 in one site related to this project. Our links are all organic.

Pure links are the best means to meet search engines standards. This is accomplished by connecting a site with Social Media sites such as Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Digg,, WordPress, Facebook, Twitter, and others.

Linking is about connecting or linking to other sites… Your web site has 100 blog posted that are connected and automatically updated to your Social Media Network of 8 connected Social Media sites.

100 articles posted to your Social Media Network create 800 pure links. If the content is reposted within these Social Media sites this makes more links back to the parent site.

How would you monitor rankings and if it’s software what is the name of it?

Google and Bing offer webmaster tools that we monitor our site with.

What if we are not open to make changes on the websites, what would you come up with? Are you able to code if something needs to be changed for SEO?

As I have mentioned, sites need to be set up correctly. If the site is designed correctly, coding will not be necessary. All the sites we work on and develop are set up correctly. If not and the clients fails to understand then we have found it best to pass on the project as it will not be successful.

Which SEO tools do you prefer?

Google and Bing, others are just vapor ware.

How are your copy writing skills? Can you give some examples?

You can either attach sales and send, or a URL of work.

We do not write copy. We have a group of writers that write for the web. Web copy is different than writing brand copy. Many who claim to write for the web do not understand how content is viewed by search engines.

The example below is based on a test result for an article to be used or posted on a blog. This is a tool we use in WordPress that explains if the article would meet SEO requirements. The tool reads the article, which is the results below, and produces this review prior to posting the content making suggestions as needed.


  • The keyword doesn’t appear in the first paragraph of the copy, make sure the topic is clear immediately.
  • The images on this page do not have alt tags containing your keyword / phrase.
  • The slug for this page is a bit long, consider shortening it.
  • The page title contains keyword / phrase, but it does not appear at the beginning; try and move it to the beginning.
  • The specified meta description is over 156 characters, reducing it will ensure the entire description is visible. The available space is shorter than the usual 155 characters because Google will also include the publication date in the snippet.
  • The copy scores 55.3 in the Flesch Reading Ease test, which is considered fairly difficult to read. Try to make shorter sentences to improve readability.
  • The page title contains 93 characters, which is more than the viewable limit of 70 characters; some words will not be visible to users in your listing.
  • There are 295 words contained in the body copy, this is slightly below the 300 word recommended minimum, add a bit more copy.
  • No subheading tags (like an H2) appear in the copy.
  • This page has 9 outbound link(s).
  • The keyword density is 2.37%, which is great, the keyword was found 7 times.
  • The meta description contains the primary keyword / phrase.
  • You’ve never used this focus keyword before, very good.
  • The keyword / phrase appears in the URL for this page.

Before any content is used we look at it with a tool as described above. We have found that copy written in a woman’s voice works best for the web.

How do you define your HTML hand-coding skills?

HTML is a past form of developing websites, we obviously have years of experience with HTML today. Everything we write is in Perl making calls to a database which has some html but mostly PHP.

How would you rate your SEO skills (out of 10)?

We are rated 10 (the best). We consult with you to understand your audience, your competitors and your goals, and to help form strategic Internet marketing plans. We help develop an integrated marketing strategy, utilizing organic search, content marketing, social media marketing, search optimized web design, and conversion optimization. Then, we tenaciously go to work to dominate your online competition.

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