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January 1, 2014
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Google Adwords Campaigns are managed by the professional group of Adwords managers at Instant Social Media and Create Digital Design of Charleston SC. Instant Social Media and Create Digital Design suggest that the clients they support for Adwords have SEO and Social Media Campaigns running in conjunction with Google Adwords. Without Charleston Businesses using Adwords may find a lot of money is spent with few positive results.

This form of advertising can also considered as the term states Digital Marketing, which by using SEO strategies with Google Adwords Organic Search results will be found along side or with your Adwords Targeted Keyword Campaigns. With SEO Facebook and Google plus also need to be supporting your Adwords Campaigns by having offers on FaceBook this is also called Social Media Marketing

Instant Social Media and Create Digital Design have the most experience in the Charleston SC market, managing Adwords, Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing Campaigns for there clients.

Google Adwords

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Google Adwords, Bing and Yahoo Network ads can deliver an effective advertising means to draw new customers to your web site in the hope they will purchase your products or services. Do not be fooled, on-line advertising is a tricky business. Unless your ad Campaigns in Google, Yahoo and Bing and others are supported by Social Media Marketing Campaigns that support your Adwords Campaigns you may be throwing away money.

The following articles offers any Charleston Business the basic guidelines to follow on how to Manage your Adwords advertising budgets what not to do and what to do with Adwords.

Google Adwords Do and Don’t list

  1. Do not trust Google Adwords blindly.
    Don’t forget that Google makes billions (with a “B”) of dollars from AdWords. Google makes money by taking yours. Set budgets wisely and monitor performance closely or you’ll pad Google’s pockets without getting anything in return.
  2. Do not send Ad traffic to you home page.
    It’s not that your home page is bad, but you should have a better page for AdWords traffic. Based on the search term someone used, you have some idea of what their problem is. Send them to a page that answers that question directly, whether it’s a product page, the pricing page or a custom landing page. The only exception might be searches on your brand name, but again, can you send them to a better page?
  3. Display and Search networks in the same campaign.
    By default a new campaign will show ads on the search AND display networks. These are two very different animals and should be handled separately. Search is based on what the user actually typed and indicates a user that is actively involved in looking for something. Display is placing ads next to content on various sites around the Internet. These people are not actively looking and you need to pull them away from what they’re reading. This means different ad copy and different targeting.
  4. Do not let the intern in your company manage Google AdWords.
    AdWords is easy to set up but difficult to manage. You want someone who writes awesome ad copy in under 90 characters, knows your customers’ motivations through and through and loves analyzing data. If your intern is this talented, hire him/her. Now!
  5. Do not use negative keywords in Google Adwords.
    So you sell Google Adwords software. You decided that software is a type of computer program, so you bid on the term “Google Adwords program” and get tons of clicks without any sales. What happened? Well, an Adwords software program can also be a course of study at college and the lack of sales would seem to indicate that most people searching for “Google Adwords” are looking for a college, not software. Add it as a negative term and save yourself some money.
  6. Do not test Google Adwords continually.
    Establish a pattern of testing from the moment you set up your AdWords account. Test ad copy to find out what message resonates with potential customers. Test different keywords to see if there is a difference between the words you use to describe your product/service and what words your customers use to describe your product/service. Test different landing pages to see which ones convert best. Always be testing.
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